Author: Lars Teeney

Category: Science Fiction

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At the Dawn of the Texas Republic declaring independence from Mexico, New Megiddo was born. Created by a death cult led by the Reverend Brigham Wainwright, who actively works to flood the empty, barren land with his American followers; undermining his Mexican overlords.Fast-forward several centuries and America has become New Megiddo, a theocracy run by the Schrubb Administration, where order is kept using the technology of the [Virtue-Net] to feed the Reverend Wilhelm Wainwright's sermons to the minds of the people. Those who do not accept the Faith are branded Apostates, and marked for persecution.

Ayane Inoguchi has been recently orphaned and is sent to live in a state religious home for a Apostate children, a Home of Virtue, Education and Love, or H.O.V.E.L. Father von Manstein who oversees the home has taken a strange liking to young, Ayane. His tainted influence will lead Ayane to great disaster but also to her destiny, while the humble beginnings of an Apostate rebellion take shape in the slums of Los Angeles.

It features a diverse racial, gender and orientation cast of characters.