Author: Jodi LaPalm

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Romance. Suspense. One woman's wish for the ultimate do-over.Ever wanted a do-over? Meredith Bryant does. She knew divorce would not be easy, but she never imagined the mess it could leave in its wake. Determined to erase a broken past, she relocates to a town once familiar and safe. With the help of an old friend and a new job, Meredith slowly rebuilds a life based upon her own terms. Her daughter, her home, her confidence, her entire world. Piece by piece, everything begins to fall into place.That is until the reappearance of long-ago love Jacob Wilde. His presence not only unnerves Meredith, it forces her to confront the memory and current reality of the heart she once broke. And when her safety is threatened more than once, it becomes a sober reminder of how alone she truly is. Afraid, Meredith begins to question everything - her ability to parent, the decisions of her past, any plans for the future, and the people closest to her - until one terrifying night she collides head-on with her darkest fears and almost loses it all.