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Cliche But True: It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know Are you ready to tap into unlimited potential of connecting with others and influencing those around you? When you read NETWORKING: 42 Keys to Career Growth- Communication Skills, Building Relationships, Influence Networking, your "likability" and quality of life will improve every day! You will discover the first and most important steps to begin a lifelong skill of networking, building relationships and the ability to influence These essential keys transform the idea of networking from being complex and cumbersome to creating habits. You'll be happy you bought this a year from now as you will learn dynamics from building and maintaining networks, becoming a great conversationalist and making a good impression. Just some of the questions and topics covered include: How to Become a Great Conversationalist How to Make a Good Impression What is "Netiquette" and How to Use It Continuing to Learn and Improve The Most Important Key to Networking This book breaks down starting a network that is solid and genuine. It starts from the very beginning of making the right impression so you can get whatever you want out of life!