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We’ve all been sick with a cold or flu at one time or another but is it necessary to keep getting sick? How can we protect ourselves naturally in order to fight off pathogens and viruses we may come in contact with? How many events or workdays have you missed as a result of the common cold or flu? If you’re anything like the typical person, you’ve missed quite a few.Cold and flu symptoms: coughs, sniffles, headaches, body aches, and fever greatly reduce our productivity and leave us feeling exhausted and tired. There is good news however, you can rise above them utilizing tried and true herbal techniques, natural remedies and simple lifestyle changes that will enable you to supercharge your immune system and protect you from the cold and flu virus—techniques that look to the bountiful energy of the earth for richness and vibrant health.

Learn how to treat yourself well utilizing healthful, natural, and herbal remedies. Learn about Cat’s Claw, a South American remedy that’s sure to boost your immunity; learn more about ginger, that oft-described “most medicinal food in the world” and the ways in which you can utilize it to heal yourself and avoid future illness. Learn about the foods you should eat, the exercise you should do, and the ways in which you should live your life to increase your vitality and ward off illness.