Author: Sara Butler

Category: Science Fiction

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Seas boil; volcanoes erupt; continents crumble. Humankind flees to the stars. Earth begins to heal. After a long volcanic winter, land masses re-form, and the warm spring welcomes new life. Three colonies re-settle the new Earth: Natives in the southern islands, Fleet in the east, and those from the Hive in the west. After centuries, their islands overpopulated, the Natives demand a place on the mainland. One by one, Fleet families are slaughtered, a throat-slashing orgy every Twentieth Night. A Native, owner of the infamous T's Tavern, is suspected; rumors abound. Will Earth again become the battleground for civil war? In the Hive, all Schell Faber has ever dreamed of is to serve the Onegod as one of His chosen leaders. Her testing time leads her into a great storm, her only refuge: T's Tavern. A lone Native lies unmoving on the end of a crumbling pier. The Tavern owner? Should she let the raging sea take him, or risk her own life to save his? Schell recognizes the Onegod's test of her wisdom and faith. She is determined to prove her worthiness to serve her people. She does not realize that her choice will ally her with the killers and make her a target for revenge. Only she can save the lives of her friends, the souls of her people, and the future of the changing planet Earth.