AUTHOR: Sara Butler

CATEGORY: Science Fiction



DEAL STARTS: 2016-02-08

DEAL ENDS: 2016-02-09



Description : Devastated by the effects of global warming, earth is abandoned; it’s people flee to the stars. But three colonies return to a re-formed planet: the hedonistic Natives, the religious people of the Hive, and the technologically savvy engineers of Fleet.
Several hundred years have passed and the Natives need more land. Mysteriously, one family in Fleet is slaughtered in their sleep every Twentieth night, and the Natives are suspect.
Schell Faber, a young woman of the Hive, seeks to lead her people to a closer bond with their Onegod. Her time of testing lands her in the middle of the murder spree in Fleet. When she uncovers the identity of the killer, her own life is threatened. Only her unlikely bond with Thanos, a Native tavern keeper, saves her. Together they must find and unmask the killer to end the clock-like slaughter.
Native Storm is at its heart the story of two young people determined to find the truth and enable others to see as they do. They must confront issues of religion vs faith, and knowledge vs wisdom. To succeed they must discard their own prejudices and rise above their own limitations to save the people of earth.
Native Storm is the first of the Earth Metamorphosis series. The story continues with Vengeance is Mine (coming soon) and Faith of the Father (coming soon).

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