Author: Anita Claire

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Some nice guys weren't always so nice.Nate's a guy who prides himself on his no commitment lifestyle. He's a master at zeroing in on the hottest women in the room for a quick and easy hookup, making a point of never spending the night. Until he runs into a woman that makes him want more than a one-night stand. After she blows his heart away he starts reevaluating his choices.Now it's Nate's turn. Following Nate from high school through his twenties we learn that this wonderful man has a lot of history that would surprise Juliette if she ever found out. Enjoy their story from Nate's point of view.This is a stand-alone book, but much more fun if read after Juliette.Author Motivation:All the princess books are coming of age stories. The main character progresses from college to becoming an adult. Overcoming an embedded belief or coming to terms with adult issues is not always easy or pretty to watch. If I've done my job well as an author, there will be times when you yell at my protagonist to grow up, get their head out of their butt, or to stop worrying so much. Hopefully, by the end of each book, you will cheer the protagonist as they grow, change, and mature into an adult.Of course, these are all romance novels, so the center of each story is the protagonist as they embrace their wonderful partner.