Author: M.G. Hawking

Category: Religious & Inspirational

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Start Living the Life You’ve Always Pictured for Yourself - The Life You Truly Deserve.
Richly enlightening and deeply inspirational, this book reveals the knowledge and essential principals of consciousness utilized by great masters to attain astonishing creative powers. A must read for anyone seeking greater personal knowledge and power.
Fragments of this knowledge have at various times through the millennia appeared in esoteric literature, in the more profound Eastern philosophies, and in the occult wisdom traditions of various ages. In modern times, splinters of this knowledge have resurfaced in various presentations, although unfortunately absent both the most fundamental elements as well as the most advanced elements of the wisdom system of the supreme masters. Attaining the ability to directly manifest whatever persons, circumstances and events you desire to experience in your life cannot be truly or fully achieved through simplistic concepts of “positive thinking” or some alleged “secret,” as so many people have learned.
In this book you’ll learn from dialogues with true masters how to recognize and use your own creative power in every aspect of your life—wealth, health, relationships, love, happiness, and in every interaction you have in the world. If studied with care and practiced with intent, you will find yourself able to utilize the hidden, untapped power within you, bringing abundance and joy.