Author: James Kipling

Category: Mysteries

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With a streak of mischief woven into her rebellious nature, twenty-four year old Bailey Dunmore lives life of her own accord. When she is unexpectedly handed the reins of her father’s company, Dunmore Corporation, she is forced to put aside her own interests for the sake of the business. Things haven’t gotten off to the best start. On her first day back from college, she is involved in a minor fender bender with employee Ryan Butler. Their serendipitous meeting proves to be a positive event as Bailey finds herself taken with the young executive in subsequent days. She had closed her heart to love for so long, but something about him stirs something within. Unforeseen complications arise when she later suspects him to have embezzled from her company. In a bid to uncover the truth, the world as she knows it turns upside down. Someone has ulterior motives, but who is it and why is Dunmore Corporation a target? Uncovering the real culprit is more than Bailey ever bargained for. The stakes are high. Will she pay with her life?