Author: James Kipling

Category: Mysteries

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This is a mystery story that revolves around the kidnapping of a beautiful young woman named Katrina Radha. She is the daughter of a prominent international diplomat. The story takes place primarily in New York City, where Hassan Radha is conducting peace talks at the United Nations.There is an ironic twist to the mystery in which the reader is fully aware of who the kidnappers are, but the detectives at the FBI are convinced that terrorists are responsible. The story coincides with New York Fashion Week, which draws fashion and photography icons from all over the world. This is truly an international story at several levels. Katrina Radha wants to immerse herself in the fashion world while her father takes his place on the international diplomatic stage.

The two main boroughs of the story are Manhattan and Brooklyn. Jimmy Nolan lives in Brooklyn and comes from the rougher side of town. Tango Cash is a criminal overlord who is based out of the notorious Marcy Housing Projects, which have been home to numerous criminal and gang-related incidents in recent years. There is a dichotomy in play with this story between the international importance of New York City and the everyday criminal underworld that is always looking for opportunistic advantages. Katrina Radha gets caught up at the intersection of these two worlds. Can she be rescued?