Author: Rodney Southern

Category: General Nonfiction

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Do You Have One Hour To Laugh And Read a Short Book Today? If you do, then take a few moments to download and enjoy this book by budding author Rodney Southern. Purposefully written to be short, power-packed with laughs and loaded with heartfelt love for family, Southern delivers on all counts. Having been married for over 14 years and a father to identical twin thirteen year old daughters, Southern has learned to survive on a sense of humor. That fun loving side comes through clearly in this book and will have you wishing for another chapter. Have you ever felt like your spouse simply doesn't understand you? Do you find yourself constantly wishing you had more information? This book is for you! It is a series of short stories about a man and his wife that will have you laughing out loud. If you want a nice, quick read that will make you feel good about being married all over again, this is the book for you!