Author: Doug Solter

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Sixteen-year-old Aiden wants a girlfriend to hold his hand down the hallway at school, but he sees himself as a disaster. What girl would ever fall in love with him? Bree desperately wants to find a friend in this new city full of strangers after fleeing her Colorado compound in terror. But how can she? Bree can't be friendly to the other kids at her new school. They might find out what she really is.One day Aiden walks home from school in the pouring rain and Bree offers him a ride. She knows she shouldn't, but Bree can't turn off her compassion towards others. Even if it could get her in trouble with Dad.

Aiden and Bree soon feel a natural attraction to each other that sparks into something more.

Aiden will do anything to be the strong boyfriend Bree needs him to be. But Aiden finds it so hard not to be intimidated by a girl who's ten times stronger than most guys at school.

Oh yeah, and she's a freaking werewolf. This relationship is about to get complicated.

Fans of Annette Curtis Klause's Blood and Chocolate should find My Girlfriend Bites tension-filled with awesome-creepy moments. Yet will surprise them with a few laughs along the way. This is a young adult paranormal romance book with creepiness, honesty, laughter, and friendship.