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Investing in mutual funds is one of the easiest ways to start investing. It was designed to allow non-professional investors to get a piece of the action of investing markets. Mutual funds allow non-professionals to participate in the growth of the market without risking a lot of money. It gives them the opportunity to invest passively in a government-regulated system. Most people who invest in mutual funds put their money in the fund and leave it there for long period. Mutual fund investing has its pros and cons. Just like any other form of investment, it has its own risks. The information in this book will prepare you for investing in mutual funds. It is one of the best types of investments for beginners because it allows you to invest even with limited knowledge of the economy or the different investment markets. You can have a day job and still become successful in investing in mutual funds. With the tips from this book, you will be prepared to buy your first mutual fund shares.