Author: Penelope Sotheby

Category: Mysteries

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"Darrell stops when he's almost touching the edge of the cabin bed. He's never met him, but can only assume that this is Mike Davies lying here. From a distance, one might surmise that this man is sound asleep in his bed, save for one particular detail. And that particular detail is that it appears, at first glance, that his head has been gruesomely bashed in.With no sign of a snore or a breath, the inspector can only conclude that Mike Davies is not sound asleep, but dead".Diane Dimbley's childhood friend and fellow author, Mike Davies, has invited her to spend the weekend with him on the Island of Lundy. Lundy is the perfect place for writers and artists to find inspiration; the natives keep things hopping, and the wildlife awakens the senses.Since Mike's retirement from the MI6--Britain's Secret Intelligence Service, the 63-year-old native Londoner has called his grand, 40-foot yacht home. It's a safe place to write, much like Diane's village of Apple Mews. His novels are bestsellers, based loosely on personal experiences working as an intelligence spy. His latest submission is no different; it is inspired by a twenty-five-year-old case, and is soon to be released. But someone has begun threatening him. Warning him to make it disappear, or else.Mike shares his concerns with Diane and her instinct tells her he might be in danger. In the past, Diane has assisted Inspector Darrell Crothers of the Shrewsbury Police with his criminal cases, but this time she needs his help. Mike is in serious trouble and the inspector is someone she trusts with her life.When Diane and Darrell discover Mike's dead body aboard his yacht, a single clue leads them to Mike's publisher. It isn't long before the MI6 intervenes and pressures the inspector to walk away. Darrell, driven to find the truth, has never backed down from a case. Neither has Diane, who is intent to bring Mike's killer to justice.When Darrell's main suspect is found dead, the case takes a cataclysmic turn, and heads straight for Diane's beloved hometown Apple Mews. Has she finally met a foe who will outwit her?A curious writer, a determined detective, and a powerful government agency with a reputation to protect--everyone is a suspect and no one is safe.