Author: Alexa Cookster

Category: Mysteries

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A new culinary cozy mystery seriesFunction Frenzy, a cooking show, fraught with murder!Gina Macon is the hostess of the popular cooking television show Function Frenzy. Gina is the talented, beautiful heiress to the Macon Family dynasty but can’t really cook! Chaos comes when Director Marmaduke Faulkner is found dead in Gina’s dressing room. Gina becomes the prime suspect. But since Marmaduke was a jerk and hated by all, everyone could be a suspect. Super Sleuths Gina and her kitten Forsynthia identify the suspects. Dawn, the klutzy production assistantTania, the set assistant who made the Pistacio Souffle. Eugene, the short squat props assistant who threatened to kill MarmadukeMarvin, the cameraman, who adores GinaCan Gina and Forsynthia help handsome Detective David Spiro find Marmaduke’s killer?Function Frenzy Cozy MysteriesMurder Soufflé is a fun, page turning mystery. This is the first book in the Function Frenzy Series. This is a complete stand alone book.Scroll up and grab a copy today