Author: Dianne Harman

Category: Mysteries

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By bestselling author and seven-time Amazon All-Star, Dianne Harman. What could go wrong at The Big T Lodge, the most prestigious and expensive hunting club in the United States? Well, murder for starters! When Roger Langley tells his wife, Liz, that they’re leaving for Texas in three days for an unexpected hunting trip at the club, neither of them has a clue that Liz will spend most of her time looking for a murderer. Specifically, the person who murdered Roger’s law school friend, Milt Huston, who just happens to be the Attorney General of California, and a candidate for Governor of California.

There’s no lack of suspects, but who did it, and what was their motive? Anger from Milt’s former lover? Revenge from the lover’s husband? Milt’s proposed cigarette tax increase despised by a North Carolina tobacco farmer? The California State Senator who wants to be Governor of California? Or the chef’s assistant who hates Milt’s liberal views?
Join Chef Wes, Liz, and her new doggy friend, Sam, a huge bullmastiff, as they search for the murderer and the motive.