Author: Timothy Freriks

Category: Science Fiction

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It's almost over.
Two hundred years after the apocalypse poisoned the atmosphere and almost ended humanity, the last remaining sanctuary is in danger of dying from lack of oxygen. Desperate measures require Mrr, a time scientist, to return in time to find a substance that will save the Dome.At stake? The ultimate threat: extinction. Only Mrr can stop it. But Mrr finds himself in a bewildering new world and makes critical misjudgments that threaten to ruin, not save, the Dome. The urgency ramps up as mutants discover the Domers have been stealing their resources for years. The Mole People prepare to attack the Dome and take back what they feel is rightfully theirs. Alternately hilarious and deadly serious, this intense chase through time finally explodes in an unexpected climax that will blow your mind.