Author: Everly Thorne

Category: Erotic Romance

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Deal starts: August 22, 2016

Deal ends: August 26, 2016


Wrong place, wrong time has become the norm for Savannah Pope. She’s walked in on three couples having sex in the last week. Well, ok, the one time she was spying on her boss, but that counts, right? Point is, Savannah seems to find trouble wherever she goes.Duncan Matthews, Mr. Big & Rich Grand himself, seems to think her kind of trouble fits him just fine. Problem is, Duncan Matthews is attached to a wealthy Senator’s daughter and he’s not going to let his daughter get dumped that easily.

The stakes heat up when Savannah reconnects with an old flame. Will Duncan’s gamble pay off when he finally loses the girlfriend and goes after Savannah? Or will the Senator cash in his chips and leave Duncan walking away with nothing?

Proceed with caution...steamy sex scenes ahead!