Author: Carrie Ann Lahain

Category: Fantasy

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Pamela German’s happily ever after ended with the suicide of her fifteen-year-old daughter, Kate. A gnawing grief has undermined her marriage and her relationship with her two surviving girls ever since.Something has to change. Pamela agrees to have Kate’s room—untouched since her death—redecorated. Refusing to be present during the transformation, Pamela travels with her sister-in-law and their three kids to upstate New York’s Catskill Mountains.

A Storybook Kingdom. An Ancient Evil.

What begins with a violent encounter on a dark, rural road soon spins out of control, drawing the family into a secret world hidden in the forest surrounding their isolated cabin.

They find themselves trapped in a cursed land, hunted by an insidious entity that destroys everything in its path.

Only through sheer determination and a strange, dreamlike connection with her lost Kate can Pamela navigate this upside-down realm, try to defeat the forces threatening them, and fight to reclaim what she loves most, her family.