Author: Jania Bailey, George Tinsley & Ken Yancey

Category: Business & Finance

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Included in this rare collection of business insights are business notables, including former NBA player George Tinsley, "Undercover Boss" TV star Steve Greenbaum, Expert Branding & PR consultant Nick Powills, Ken Yancey CEO of SCORE, one of the largest advisory groups in the USA, and Rocco Fiorentino, CEO, of one the nation’s most successful business funding organizations. This book is also loaded with expert insights from selected business consultants specializing in helping people become their own boss. They want to help do the same for you.
These business men and women know all about success. In life and in business. In this book you'll learn:
• What it takes to become satisfied in business and in life.
• How the "Disney principle" can set you head and shoulders above the competition
• What personality traits you must exhibit to conquer the new economy
• How to impact your community through business
• How diversity can be a niche you dominate
• Why millennials are the future of franchising
• The competitive edge you have as a woman business owner
• Why experience isn't necessary to become your own boss
• How to find success where you least expect it
If you feel stuck in the corporate world just going through the motions or if you've ever thought about becoming your own boss, this book is for you. You won't be the same after reading it.