Author: J.R. Rain

Category: Fantasy

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Ten years ago, federal agent Samantha Moon was the perfect wife and mother, a typical soccer mom with a minivan and suburban home. Then the unthinkable happens, an attack that changes her life forever. And forever is a very long time for a vampire.There’s something in the water. Something evil…

Now in MOON SHADOW (Vampire for Hire Book 11), private investigator Samantha Moon is hired to track down a purported lake monster that could wreak havoc on a tourism business. When Sam delves into the creature sightings that have spooked Lake Elsinore residents, she crosses paths with the case of two missing boys.

The police are stumped, and Sam and her werewolf lawyer boyfriend, Kingsley, team up to investigate both cases. And what lies beneath the surface of the lake is just the beginning for the paranormal abomination that has taken over Lake Elsinore. This is no legendary monster. Its diabolical evil spans centuries and even worlds—and it sets its sights on Sam’s loved ones...

As Sam and Kingsley pursue the truth, time is running out for the missing boys—and for someone she loves. Will Samantha Moon have to choose between them?