Author: J.R. Rain

Category: Fantasy

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A romantic getaway. A missing boy. A desperate search.Samantha Moon has her hands full with a busy caseload, but her werewolf boyfriend, Kingsley, wants her to take off with him for a kid-free, work-free Valentine’s weekend. As they head to a cabin in Big Bear, California, they see a boy bolt into the forest and disappear.

Kingsley’s not worried, but Sam’s mom instincts are working overtime. It’s cold. He had no jacket. And what’s a small kid doing in the forest by himself? When she calls 9-1-1, the boy is indeed missing…and Sam and Kingsley were the last ones to see him.

As night falls, so does the temperature. Now, the official search and rescue effort is in full swing, but, so far, it’s unsuccessful. Sam can think of only one thing—a little boy is alone in the wilderness.

With a huge area to search, Sam’s not going to mess around and wait for the authorities to find him. She calls in her own cavalry. Or, as Jim Knighthorse likes to say, the “big guns.” Now with Spinoza, Aaron King, Detective Sherbet, Allison, and, of course, Knighthorse joining the search in the mountains, Samantha Moon puts her weekend of romance and relaxation on hold.

The little boy must be found before it’s too late. Nothing else matters.

And time is running out…