Author: Vikki Spencer

Category: Advice & How-To

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We’ve been told as young women to dream, build a life, choose (a husband) well, and be happy (no pressure…).But now there are kids—and you refuse to let go of the hope for more. You want the map—the one designed especially for us, one especially for each kid.

So you skim parenting books, ask friends and family and look at you’re surroundings—freaking out at the tasks that lie ahead.

Which direction do you start at?

Ultimately, you say, “I don’t know what else to do. Please fix it.”

Your family is the highest mountain in the world. It requires more — stamina, ferocity, and humility. Let it transform you.

Take this manifesto and climb as high and as fast as you can. Follow the 9 practices and implement them now!