Book cover: Moirae

Author: Mehreen Ahmed

Category: Literary Fiction

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Through the night, and early hours of the morning, Nalia finds herself engaged in a lucid dream. That she is knitting a tale in pink honey comb pattern. This tale describes the ominous conditions of her brother and many of her fateless mates fleeing the Lost Winds; a village which they call home. There are dangers looming ahead. The people of Lost Winds are afraid of persecution and death. Nalia dreams about her own life too; what it could have been, but is not. Her mates are on a boat called the Blue Moon. On a raging sea they braved through treacherous passages, to seek a new land for asylum. Finally, they reach the shores of Draviland, whose citizens speak Kroll. But grave danger lurks here as well. Will there be peace after all? For these hapless travelers have scoured the surface of the planet in search of it. Nalia continues to dream of an ending in which an ultimate world is painted, almost a utopia for herself and her mates.