Author: John Hemmings

Category: Mysteries

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A MISSING GIRL. A DESPERATE FATHER. A RACE AGAINST TIME. Dean Roberts is a sick, elderly man with just one precious thing in his life ? his teenage daughter, Marisa. When she mysteriously disappears on a road trip across the States the police draw a blank and Kane and Lucy are hired to find her and bring her home. But as they retrace her last known movements they realize she has been kidnapped β€” and that this this is no ordinary abduction, with no apparent motive. Her bank account is untouched, no ransom demand has been made, and a telephone call from the missing girl a few days after her disappearance only adds to the mystery.But as their search continues they identify a darkly sinister group whose victims are turning up dead β€” real dead β€” and as the body count rises they realize they are in a race against time as they enlist the assistance of local law enforcement officers, forensic experts and friends of the missing girl in a desperate attempt to find her before it’s too late.