Author: S. C. King

Category: Mysteries

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During Jake and Lora Harrison’s visit to Stronghill, Alaska, their little son Tommy disappears from the garden of Jake’s mother, where he is playing. Detective Davis and Sergeant Wood are called to investigate the mysterious case of the missing child.At first, the investigation is moving very slowly, as no one had seen anything, but then a witness comes forward, saying that he saw a strange white van in town, the very day the boy disappeared. Inside the house, in front of which the van was parked, the police find the boy’s blood, and determine that Tommy was brought here after he was taken from the garden.

The investigation continues in Fairbanks, where Davis is able to find Ian Logan, a known criminal and the van’s owner. Logan refuses to speak, but Davis follows him around and sees him talking to another man during the night. After they both are arrested, the second man confesses that he was hired by Logan to dispose of a body. But when he arrived at the house in Stronghill, he found the boy still alive. Logan then asked him to bring the boy to a clearing in the woods and give him to another masked man.

Back in Stronghill, Sergeant Wood finds a small hole in the garden fence and a watch on the other side of the hole. Davis forms the theory that the boy was hit by a car and taken away to hide the crime. The watch, on the other hand, belongs to Mr. Brown, a neighbor of the family. After the police interrogate him, Brown confesses to hitting the boy and asking his brother, the town’s mayor, to help him. He is unaware, however, that the boy was still alive.

The mayor refuses to speak to the police and is killed, while trying to escape. Once again the detectives have no leads on the boy’s whereabouts. Thankfully, they are able to find a bank statement among the mayor’s documents, which leads them to an ex-mistress of Brown’s. She tells them that the mayor brought the boy to her house, and asked her to find a place for him to hide for a while.

Mystery author S. C. King invites you to read the book to find out the fate of Tommy.