Author: Jessica Page

Category: Romantic Suspense

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Deal starts: November 28, 2016

Deal ends: December 04, 2016


Three strangers with an unlikely connection find themselves pawns in a dangerous struggle for power. After serving Washington’s political elite as a high-class escort for seven years, Kendall Daley is ready to move on. But on the eve of her final assignment she meets Kane Clarke — a Navy SEALs Lieutenant on enforced leave. What Kendall doesn't know is that Kane is in town to repair his relationship with his estranged brother... someone she knows all too well. Soon after that fateful night, Senator James Clarke is kidnapped and Kendall finds herself the target of hired assassins. Deep and personal secrets are exposed as Kane rushes to her aid. Embroiled in a dangerous game, the pair must work to unravel a tangled web of deception and save the Senator before time runs out. A fast-paced thriller full of mystery and romance, Misguided Target is an explosive debut from Jessica Page.