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Looking for seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition?I have been playing minecraft on my phone for a while and I know how annoying it is to find a working seed. This book has got 50 really cool seeds that we have tested and played on our phone. We even split the seeds into 3 main categories for easy access: landscape, village and resource.Not to mention there are also lots of pictures in this book to show you how the seed would look like.Don't know what a minecraft seed is?Minecraft seeds are basically the world maps that were pre-set in the game. Instead of starting your minecraft game like people normally do (e.g. create new world and enter game where you will be spawned in a randomly generated world), you can enter a special code (people call it seed) when you are creating new world. You will then be spawned in a world that is more exciting and has a style.In summary, this book offers:-Tutorial on how to input seed in Minecraft PE-50 working seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition (Mobile)-Seeds grouped into 3 categories so that you can choose between landscape, village or resource seeds easily-Pictures on every seed!