Author: Billy Miner

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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The post-apocalypse story of the Minecraft zombie plague survivors
Mike, Lilly, Samantha, and Harvey are on a mission: They have to find life, other people who survived the Minecraft zombie apocalypse. Strengthened by their weapons, the four friends go on a journey through the vast, empty landscape, and find supplies in villages to help them cope with the hordes. They each have their favorite weapon, and some of them kind of like each other in a more romantic way. Reach about the great adventures of these young surviving heroes who witstand the zombies on the path to their destination.Keywords: Minecraft books, Minecraft book, Minecraft journal, Minecraft journals, Minecraft Diaries, Minecraft Diary, Minecraft apocalypse, Minecraft apocalypse diary, Minecraft apocalypse books, Minecraft apocalypse diaries, Minecraft wars, Minecraft end of the world, Minecraft disasters, Minecraft disaster, Minecraft catastrophe, Minecraft disaster book, Minecraft catastrophe books