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Start living your life to the fullest with the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook – promoting a Mediterranean diet for beginners and trained chefs alike!Never has a diet truly allowed mankind to live a life so full and abundant while reaping such amazing health benefits. Not to mention that the food associated with the Mediterranean way of life is equally vibrant, mouth-watering, and indulgent.Seriously, who in their right mind would turn down the chance to eat bread, feta cheese, and spaghetti coated in olive oil on a regular basis while reaping awesome health benefits?! And don’t forget about the glass of wine that is diet doctor recommended…The Mediterranean diet is changing the way people all over the world think of “health”, and top-rated author Vanessa Olsen guides you through exactly how you, too, can use the Mediterranean diet to live your life to the fullest. The secret? Some savory, flavorful, and downright unforgettable Mediterranean diet recipes.

There are recipes for everything from extravagant Mediterranean diet meals that will impress your friends to quick Mediterranean diet dishes you can prepare before running off to a meeting. Plus, each recipe comes with a nutritional breakdown so you never have to waste time guessing or doing the math yourself. Simply open a recipe, throw it together, and watch the benefits, both health and lifestyle wise, come pouring in. Here’s another Olsen original, with tried-and-tested recipes put together in the sports nutritionist’s very own kitchen first!