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Start living your life to the fullest with the Mediterranean Diet Cookbook – promoting a Mediterranean diet for beginners and trained chefs alike!Fiona Carson was fed up with diets promoting impossible-to-stick-to standards that only led to wasted time and frustration. She wondered if she’d ever find a diet which would add to her life rather than take away from her life, and then she found the Mediterranean diet!

Never has a diet truly allowed mankind to live a life so full and abundant while reaping such amazing health benefits. Not to mention that the food associated with the Mediterranean way of life is equally vibrant, mouth-watering, and indulgent.

Seriously, who in their right mind would turn down the chance to eat bread, feta cheese, and spaghetti coated in olive oil on a regular basis while reaping awesome health benefits?! And don’t forget about the glass of wine that is diet doctor recommended…