Author: Kurt Olson

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This Bible Study Is Easy To Understand And Enjoyable To Read Because it is
Written by Someone Like YouAuthor Kurt Olson is not a Bible scholar, he is not a Preacher and he is not even a teacher.

He is Someone Like YOU. He writes in a style like you talk and think.

Too many Bible Study writers assume that Everyone knows and understands the Bible

#1. Reading the Bible without help can be Intimidating

#2. Biblical scholars often don’t speak in simple language

#3. People will often neglect reading the Bible because they don’t understand it

A BIBLE STUDY WITH SOMEONE LIKE YOU is a series that IS easily understood and IS enjoyable to read

Let's Take A Look At The Topics To Be Covered in this study on the Bible book “Matthew”

1) The Birth of Jesus Christ
2 )Jesus Tempted by Satan
3) The 12 Disciples of Christ
4) Jesus' Many Teachings and Miracles
5) The Death and Resurrection of Jesus and So Much More