Author: Rolf Margenau

Category: Literary Fiction

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In this book, the author revisits the hero of Public Information, his novel about the Korean War and its aftermath, who is now a seventy-five year old retired lawyer and Master Gardener. Wylie misses the excitement of earlier legal involvements and eagerly comes to the aid of Ann Proctor, another Master Gardener, who came upon magic seeds on a visit to the Amazon. Their fantastic properties come to the attention of Big Ag whose CEO, Dick Geier, understands they represent a serious threat to the profitable seeds genetically engineered by Big Ag to resist the effects of plant-killing chemicals.Big Ag determines to crush the development of the magic seeds, at the same time sending the Department of Homeland Security after a band of eco-terrorists who seek to save the monarch butterfly. Millions of acres of the butterflies’ main sustenance, milkweed, have been destroyed by the application of glyphosate, Big Ag’s plant-killing chemical. The group manages to achieve its objective in spite of numerous roadblocks.

William Phenn for Reader Views:
“Margenau writes a good story with a bit of drama, incorporates practical gardening tips into the book at the beginning of every chapter and manages to touch the reader's funny bone. His characters are well described and leave no doubt as to whom and what they are. "Master Gardener" is a good book that is fun to read, easy on the eyes and rated a strong "A" on my rating chart. I strongly recommend it.”
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