Author: Linnea May

Category: New Adult Romance

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Every school has at least one student like her. Diligent, strict, obedient - and a strong need to please. Ready to be broken by me.JACKSON ~
College dropout & self-made billionaire. That's me. And now they want me to teach a bunch of graduate students the secret of my success?
Oh, I'll teach them a lesson alright.
One of them may require a little extra attention. Lana Harlington, the good girl. Diligent, beautiful, and obedient.
But that arrogance needs to be spanked out of her...
Economics has never been a favorite of mine. I just have to get through one last class, taught by this stuck-up CEO guest lecturer who doesn't even have a degree.
Filthy rich & out of this world handsome - of course every girl in my class is swooning all over him. However, I doubt that he can teach me anything.
... Boy, am I wrong.