Author: Stephen Andrew Salamon

Category: New Adult Romance

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Deal starts: May 20, 2016

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What happens when a bullied and ridiculed teenage girl receives her greatest wish of beauty, but can’t see it for herself?Seventeen-year-old Legend Conaway has always dreamed of being beautiful. Relentlessly tormented in and out of school because of her looks, Legend is starting to believe nothing will ever change.

But everyone gets their moment.

When her greatest desire is bestowed by heaven’s listeners, Legend learns that it comes with an unexpected price. Though she is instantly blessed with immense beauty, rises to fame and fortune and finds true love, Legend left out one important thing when she made her request—to be able see the beauty for herself. She only perceives a plain, unadorned face reflected in the mirror.

Now, Legend is forced to contemplate the choice given to her by the mysterious woman who granted the wish. She will have her gift for one year, but afterward she has to decide whether to keep it or give it back. If she chooses to return it, will the world still love her? Will the man of her dreams continue to love her after her beauty melts away? In the end, Legend must answer the biggest question of all. Which is more important? Having others love you or loving yourself?

This is Legend’s mask.