Author: Joe Klingler

Category: Thrillers

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Description:2015 WINNER NATIONAL INDIE EXCELLENCE AWARD - Thriller Fairbanks Detective Qigiq--means white hawk--failed. Grandfather taught there is but one option after falling in the snow: stand... So Qigiq heads south to San Francisco. His new partner, Kandy Dreeson, calls at dawn: a hysterical violinist named Robina is shrieking about an Amazon box and her missing roommate. He grabs a jacket, and slices through Golden Gate Bridge traffic--knowing this is his next step. Body parts, heavily manipulated crime videos, mini-explosions, and disappearing music files plunge Qigiq headfirst into a world of cybercrime he doesn't understand--but will master. He and Kandy dodge cars and bullets with each bit they decipher, growing ever closer to dangerous forces that trade money for murder. Suspenseful and grisly with humor and seduction, Mash Up is a riveting read of action from the first sentence.