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Marriage is the best thing that can happen to anyone.In fairy tales, it is shown that a “happy ever after” is always the ending of true love. While we believe this even as adults, we cannot deny that we still hope for these ideal visions to become our reality. In reality, however, a Cinderella story could end up as a nightmare. Instead of singing sweet hymns to one another, couples curse and shout. Rather than exchanging hugs and kisses, a husband and wife exchange lawsuits and restraining orders. Today, I will say with conviction that there is still hope.There is still a chance to transform this nightmare into your sweetest dream. The book, “How to Save Your Marriage” takes you one step to this feat. Here are the reasons why this is not one of those typical marriage books and why you should have this book now: First, the book helps you assess the status of your marriage.The main reason why married individuals have the difficulty of fixing their marriage is the lack in diagnosing what the problem is. You cannot give a solution to the problem that you do not know, right? Through this book, the nature of the marriage is discussed, its vulnerable aspects are exposed, and a variety of marriage tips are given. So if you are bombarded with many questions about your relationship, seek the answers now. Second, “How to Save Your Marriage” urges you stay in the marriage. Most of the time, the question that persons involved in a problematic marriage seeks answers to is: “Why should I still stay?” Without getting these answers, people do not see the reason to try. This book gives the multitude of purposes of people who engaged in marriages. With these discussed, you can ask yourself the question again and find the answer within your reach. My pal, the opportunity to get the answers you have been searching for so long is here. Take advantage of this marriage help.Third and most importantly, the book lets you appreciate your relationship with your better half. In a situation such as yours, more negative vibes would just worsen the problem. This book injects a boost of optimism that every person struggling to revitalize their marriage urgently needs. Without the hope that your marriage will recover from the storm it is overcoming now, you yourself would not be able to withstand the endless obstacles.