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In the language of God, men often misinterpret God’s messages and intentions.
Some of the questions we find asking ourselves are:1) What is God?
2) Who is man?
3) Who am I?
4) How can I have a conversation with God?
5) Is there such a thing as Spiritual Gifts?
6) What is Spiritual Warfare?The question of who is God often brings us close to unraveling and understanding the in depth truth of who God is and what relationship we have with him.

In Book 1 of Man vs God, the author looks into the mind of man that questions the evolution of God and his presence in this modern world and touches on the philosophical perspective, often the perception that has yielded fear which exists between man and God.

Thus, it is no surprise that man is continuously searching for the 4 worlds and its manifestation that depicts the nature of their existence with God.