Author: Phillip Strang

Category: Mysteries

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He saved her. She hated him. She wanted him Dead!
The smugglers' village, close to the Afghan border, is cold and unwelcoming - its only entertainment, the whores who will put on a show and give themselves to anyone willing to pay. A Russian gangster on the run from a KGB agent finds himself there against his will, but where else can he go - the agent wants him dead. The gangster forms a bond with one of the whores, sees some worth in her until he catches her selling herself to an Afghan.
A drug lord enjoys a lifestyle many would envy. An Afghan warlord sees the resurgence of the Taliban. A Russian white-collar criminal portrays himself as a good and honest citizen in Moscow.
All are entwined in an audacious plan to raise the quantity of heroin shipped out of Afghanistan and into Russia and ultimately the West.
Some will succeed, some will die, some will be resurrected from their plight and others will rue the day they became involved.
The drug lord sees the Russian mafia taking his business. He will not let it happen without a fight. The Afghan smugglers' leadership, double-dealing and treacherous as ever sense an opportunity to play the Tajikistan drug lord off against the Russian mafia. The Afghans only care for their money, not who they deal with and if that means death to a few or many, concerns them little. Profit is what they want for their disparate causes, and the cost of a life has little value.