Author: Gina Horkey & Sally Miller

Category: Advice & How-To

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Do you want to turn your writing hobby into cold, hard cash?Maybe you’ve considered becoming a freelance writer for the web, but weren’t sure how to you get started. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Rarely will you find a book that shows you the exact steps you need to take to accomplish a specific goal. And one that’s enjoyable to read to boot!

In Make Money as a Freelance Writer, Gina Horkey and Sally Miller will give you only the steps you need to start a freelance writing business from scratch. Nothing more, nothing less.

Reading this book (and doing the work) will save you time, money and your sanity.

Best of all, you’ll discover how to land your first paying client - even if you’re starting from zero. And by following the seven steps listed in this book, you can be earning $1,000 as a freelance writer in as little as 30 days.

Don’t keep trying to figure this whole freelance writing thing out on your own. Or read everything on the internet covering the subject without taking action, because you’re so confused and overwhelmed by the vast amount of information that exists.

Instead, pick up a copy of this book and start making your dreams of writing professionally a reality!