Author: Jenny Creek Tanner

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Cora Weller’s world began to spin as her mother’s words sank in..."I am sending you out west to be a mail order bride."Cora wanted to scream at her mother, to tell her it wasn’t fair that she had to be the one sent away so her half-sisters could have a better life.But when she arrives in the bustling mining town of Betsville, California, she discovers her husband-to-be is an old man, and worse, he’s a stoic bank manager. And now, standing in a church about to marry him, she wanted to scream and shout and give her mother a piece of her mind.Determination coursed through her thick and hot. She may be eighteen going on nineteen, but she had lived her fair share of life. She would force herself to marry this man and figure out something later.??? Will Cora’s determination to return home come between her and Marshall???? Will Marshall’s way of putting everything in terms of an arrangement keep them both from finding love in their young marriage???? Will her decision to sneak away to go back home have dire consequences for their marriage???? And will an overheard conversation ultimately save their lives, and draw them together in the love they both so desperately desire?Find out the answers to these questions and more by reading “The Mining Town Banker and His Reluctant Bride” today!This is a stand-alone book, and is the first in a three-book series.The Mail Order Brides of Betsville Series includes:Book 1 - The Mining Town Banker and His Reluctant BrideBook 2 - The Well-Meaning Trapper and the Governess BrideBook 3 - The Reformed Cowboy and the Bandit BrideScroll up and get your copy today!