Author: Gil Gray

Category: Fantasy

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Break on through to the other sideFollowing a tragedy in his youth, Joseph Mitchell evolves into an extraordinarily skillful lucid dreamer, able to create, control and remember his own dreams. A prominent psychologist specializing in lucid dreams offers to teach Josef a secret way into other people’s dreams. In return, Joseph should save the life of one of the psychologist’s patients – a severely depressed woman threatening to kill herself - by entering her dreams.An original psychological thrillerIn order to the woman from suicide, Joseph embarks on a rare and dangerous journey, fighting the frightening characters that inhabit her dreams. In the real world, he must answer to his concerned girlfriend and a boss, who has no clue where his favorite copywriter comes up with his brilliant ideas.Fantasy and science come togetherLucid man takes place in the streets of San Francisco and inside a haunted woman’s mind. It weaves insights from the world of lucid dreaming and Kabballah to create a thrilling narrative that places the dream world as a gateway to fantastic possibilities. A thriller you will not be able to put down.Scroll up to get your copy of Lucid Man now!