Author: Emma Wright

Category: General Nonfiction

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You may have arrived at Emma’s books because you want to lose weight. You want to stop suffering about your body. You want to be happy. This book is about how to be free from food obsession. But more than that, it teaches you how to trust yourself and listen to your body. Because once you do that, everything — the way you eat, the size of your body, the way you relate to the world — tends to fall into place. In order for you to trust yourself and listen to your body, you will need to know who you really are. Knowing who you really are leads directly to delight at the body you actually have. Imagine that. Along the way, you will begin to see your body as an amazing mechanism that once treated with dignity and respect starts to become everything you always wanted it to be. Somedays we all need reminding that we are more than the content of our food obsessed mind. That we are more than what we eat. That we are so much more than the shape of our legs. Looking at your body from the outside in, it’s easy to notice imperfections, and then obsess over them. It’s so easy in fact to focus on what is wrong we forget to remember what is right. Get comfortable with who you actually are and you will find tremendous power to live the life you always wanted. This book interrupts the old thinking patterns about food and diet and weight and feeling terrible in your skin. It opens up a new way of seeing yourself that will allow you to love yourself, eat peacefully and have the body you always wanted.