Author: Art DeForest

Category: Fantasy

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Check out all 3 books in the series! I love the shadows. They keep me safe and secure as I wait to ambush animals like Altheas. Altheas was a real piece of work. He likes to play with his food before he eats and he never leaves them alive after he feeds. His predilections are starting to draw attention. At his age you’d think he’d know better. It was a simple matter to feed after all. Some eye contact and a little mesmerization, a quick lick to seal the wounds and you both went about your night, your meal ticket none the wiser.Well, speak of the devil, here he comes now. A pretty girl is tucked under his arm. Altheas is tall and very good looking. Really, he is pretty much standard for one of our kind. The girl has gorgeous blond hair that made me envious as hell. She’s got some nice curves too and was trying to press every one of them into his side.

He only has eyes for the human juice box in his arms as he passed my hidden position. Stepping out of the shadows behind him, I thrust my stake at the center of his back. He was more aware of his surroundings than I anticipated. Whipping around like a coiled viper on speed, he tried to interpose the innocent girl between the descending stake and his body. My eyes grew wide as I tried to divert the strike.


There are psychopaths in every group. Human, Vampire, Lycan. Kaitlyn Strong was forcibly turned, but managed to escape the clutches of a twisted vampire named Darius. Now, with her forty five pound Savannah Cat, Fangs, she hunts the shadows and kills the monsters, hoping one day to cross paths with the one that changed her life forever.