Author: Paige Turner

Category: Contemporary Romance

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Elizabeth and Countess Adelaide Lovelace have made a decision – they can no longer be anything more than friends. The sexual nature of their relationship has run its course and, for now, they are happy to remain platonic associates and business partners at Elizabeth’s wildly successful dress shop, the House of Camille.However, the same can’t be said for Elizabeth and Thomas.Moving out of the Lovelace’s house was a difficult decision, one made even harder by the fact that Elizabeth has nowhere left to go. So when the wealthy and charming Thomas sweeps in with an offer of a room in his carriage house, what else can Elizabeth do but dutifully accept? Disaster strikes when the roof of the building collapses, leaving Elizabeth’s new life in ruins. It's an unwelcome blow to Elizabeth's plan to avoid all contact with Thomas, but she feels a shiver of excitement at occupying the same house as him. Moving into the space, it's clear that Thomas is a man's man, and has no intention of changing. Nor will his intentions of marrying well within his class.Yet, when winter comes, something begins to warm between Thomas and Elizabeth, and soon even they can’t deny their changing feelings. Can Thomas overcome his pride and accept a once poor girl as his wife, or will Elizabeth be forced to choose between his love and her reputation?