Author: Paige Turner

Category: Contemporary Romance

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In a fantasy kingdom, where everyone is born with either a Blessing or a Curse, the king is the most Blessed of all. The Kingdom is divided into two, as are the people, who live there. King Reinaris was born immortal, and for hundreds of years has been ruling over his people. Time cannot kill him, nor can any injury or illness. He could live forever, as long as no one falls in love with him. In order to protect himself, Reinaris has become a cold and distant king who would rather be admired than adored, respected than loved.His life changes when a new cook comes into his castle. Mhala is a beautiful girl, the daughter of one of the king’s enemies and sister to the man who is plotting to kill the king. She is also one of the Blessed ones, and her ability is through her meals to transport the minds of other people anywhere she chooses.

The king is impressed by her ability, and likes to take trips with her. The Cursed ones, however, are not willing to stay slaves forever, and with the help of her brother enter the Inner Realm. Mhala was supposed to help her brother kill the king, but now she is fighting to protect him. Through her Blessing, she defeats the enemy, and finally the king is able to accept her love.

After the uprising, the king decides to destroy the wall that divides his people, gives his throne to another, and leaves the palace with Mhala. They find their happiness in the dreamy place where the twin waterfalls fall into the limpid turquoise pool.