Author: Jenny Lynne

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO ABANDON YOUR COMFORT ZONE TO FIND THE PLACE WHERE YOU BELONG.Nineteen-year-old Erin is hoping that her visit to Japan with her best friend, Adam, will be life-changing. Fifteen years ago, Erin's mother mysteriously vanished. The only clue she left behind is a handwritten itinerary for a dream trip to Japan, a trip that Erin doesn't know if her mother ever had the chance to take. Erin has decided to carry out this itinerary, believing that it might help her find her mother.

But her trip won't be going according to plan.

Just hours after Erin and Adam arrive in Tokyo, in a jet-lagged fog, they end up in bed together. While struggling with the tension that now dominates their once innocent friendship and the trauma stirred up from Erin's painful past, Erin and Adam visit the places on her mother's list. As they explore the wonders of Japan, Erin finds herself haunted by strange "memories" that seem to belong to her mother. Could these memories be real? If so, perhaps her mother can be found.

LOST IN TOKYO is an inspirational young adult / new adult contemporary romance novel that will appeal to readers of IF I STAY, JUST ONE DAY, and JUST ONE YEAR (by Gayle Forman), THIRTEEN REASONS WHY (by Jay Asher), and LEAVING TIME (by Jodi Picoult). The book gives us a travel guide of wonderful things to see and do while on vacation in Japan (featuring attractions in Tokyo, Kyoto, Nara, Nikko, and Kamakura) wrapped in a coming of age story of healing and hope, with an unexpected, but satisfying, ending.

Praise for LOST IN TOKYO:

"Full of twists and turns and surprises" - Erin, Goodreads

"I absolutely loved this book! I couldn't put it down. The relationship between Erin and Adam was amazingly sensual and slow building. It kept the pages turning like crazy. And the way the plot kept unfolding, I never knew what was going to happen next. Japan as a backdrop was such a unique story setting. It was both peaceful and exciting at the same time. Jenny Lynne's use of imagery was fantastic, the characters were always the main focus, you felt like you were right there with them." -- Amanda, Goodreads

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