Author: J.O. Quantaman

Category: Literary Fiction

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Hard Sci-Fi with a human touch. Cooperation versus hierarchy, circa 2070s.
# Imagine a vibrant community that dumps 5,000 years of cultural traditions. Imagine a society without politicians, without corporate secrets, without adverts, without disparity in the spendable wealth of its citizens. Such a community has defied the status quo. It has aroused fear and envy among the powerful elite. It needs extraordinary protection from those who would bring it down.
# Add the cold water of frustrating romance.
# Nyssa has spent years in virtual bondage to a Japanese pimp before she landed at Dog Breakfast, a co-op dedicated to urban security and espionage. She is welcomed despite her woeful past. She begins training as an operative and soon finds the physical hurdles almost beyond reach. But she can't turn back because the co-op has become "home" and if she fails she'd lose her best chance for redemption.
# Kazuo has lost touch with the stone fox he met at the ski resort. He will meet her again, but in a way he doesn't expect.