Author: Shreya K.

Category: Literary Fiction

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A collection of inspirational, transformational, personal growth, spiritual awakening short stories that will leave you with a tune that you can hum in your daily life.Osvaldo struggled to choose the wound he needed to heal-his ruptured confidence or his father's shattered dreams. He chose to do something else that Yoshi couldn't do. According to Yoshi's mother Moriko, Yoshi was destined to evolve. Josephine evolved too after receiving a gift from a generous soul. But Nirmala was not as fortunate. Her gift was taken away. Despite loss and pain, she unveiled a deviant facet. Only then the heart shone. Henry, along with his new-found friends, saw the white, magical light--the light that lit Lilou's path. Though Yanis was scampering behind, he managed to catch up with Lilou.

Osvaldo, Yoshi, Josephine, Nirmala, Henry, Lilou, and Yanis-they all allowed the seed within them to unfurl. Behold the sprouting sapling and its Lizbang, rippling into eternity.