Author: Jeremy Rain

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Imagine for a minute... Having a radio station call you and tell you that you have won their grand prize giveaway. Twenty-two year old Kyle Morrison just got that call. Four great tickets to a professional baseball game, a posh hotel room and one thousand dollars to spend any way he wanted in the beautiful city of Seattle. All he had to do was get there.Everything was going great on the way to Seattle until the check engine light in Kyle's car decided it wanted to be noticed. Making a quick stop at a rest area, Kyle couldn't help but notice a beautiful girl sitting alone on a bench being hassled by three thugs. She didn't stand a chance and he couldn't stand idle. What happens next turns this fun-loving road trip into a twisting, turning, gut wrenching roller coaster ride that flies off the tracks and never wants to come back down.

“Living Proof” will take you along a thrilling, suspenseful, grand prize winning road trip like no other. Get in, buckle up and hold on tight.